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Abap Web services ABAP Service Provisioning and Consumption

Web Services (SAP Library - Web Services)

Amazon Amazon Web Services
Analytics: Composite Applications Resource Center Xapp's
Bundles EnterpriseService Bundles is delevered in

Enhancement Package

Business Network transformation transform your business network into a competitive weapon.

Innovation and Business Network Transformation


BPM Business Process Management Link to BPM
Composit applications Industry Composite Applications
BPX Busniess Process Expert 


Choreography of webservices Ebxml

BPSS   BPss.pdf



Composit Applications guidelines Developing and composit applications

Consuming Enterprise Services

Composition Composition environment ( Composit Applications )

Visual Composer

Business Process Management


Elearning nw CE 7.1 elearn

SAP & Business Objects Faq


Consuming :

Consume an Enterprise Service from the ES Workplace in Web Dynpro in the new SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment 7.1

Consuming :

ESOA Development Handbook

Use SAP NetWeaver PI 7.1 Tools for Provisioning and Consuming Enterprise Services in ABAP

Building Standards Based applications

Enabling Application to Application Processes

Accelerate Your Business Data Modeling and Integration Issues by CCTS Modeler Warp 10

Consuming Services with ABAP OBS!
Customer Showcases Customer Showcases
Dashboards SAP & Business Objects Faq

Developments and Modifications

in the Integration Repository

Enterprise Services Enhancement Guide
Development / Composition SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment

Visual Composer

Business Process Management

Development Models Link to Sap Development Models
EcoHub link to EcoHub see also SSPCatalog
Elearning Bpx - netweaver CE Guided procedures

Caf Composit application framework

Esoa      ESR Modelling

Visual Composer

Web Dynpro

Web services

xapps - Consume Enterprise service from Visual composer using service registry

xapps - aris


Enhancement Package A Collection of ES  bundles

Webcast on enhancement pack

Enhancement package on ERP-ehp>ERP->EHP

Enterprise Service Enhancement Package

Enterprise Architecture Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture Planning

Enterprise Archtecture Methodology

Enterprise Architecture Framework

Enterprise SOA

Service-oriented architecture

Enterprise Architecture Framework Enterprise Architect

Enterprise Architecture Planning

Enterprise Architecture Process

Business architecture

Data architecture

Application architecture

Technical architecture

Eabok Federal Eaf

TOGAF Togaf 7.0 view Online

The Open Group Architecture Framework Version 8.1.1

Enterprise engineering
Enterprise Integration Enterprise application integration

Data Integration

Enterprise Modeling
Enterprise Resource Planning Erp
Enterprise Service , Enterprise SOA

Enabling Enterprise Services

Enterprise Service Repository

Enterprise Service Bundles wiki A   grouping of Enterprise services logically related to the same business area

Enterprise Service Enhancement Package

Technical Guidance Test a WebService

Enterprise Service Index Solution map

Enterprise Services Workplace

Enterprise Services for SAP ERP 2005

Enterprise service Bus Enterprise service bus wiki    ESB
Enterprise Service oriented architecture link to Esoa
Enterprise Service Repository ESR Modelling
Enterprise Services Workplace How to use
Enterprise SOA from SAP Enterprise SOA  E-learning

SDN : ES workplace  Service Registry -->E SOA

Wiki on Enterprise services

Enterprise Service Enhancement Package


Enterprise SOA services Portfolio services form SAP Consulting
ESA = EnterpriseSOA from SAP Esa Adoption Program
ESB Enterprise service bus wiki  
ES Bundles list of EnterpriseService Bundles part of

Enterprise Service Enhancement Package

ESC EnterpriseServiceCommunity

ESC Community groups


Enterprise standards

ESOA Development Handbook Enterprise SOA
ESOA Documentation
ESOA Methodology

Methodology for Accelerated Transformation to SOA

ESOA Modeling and Design

Repository-based Modeling and Design

ESOA Starter Kit
Guided Procedures E-learning How to develop -->EnterpriseSOA from SAP
ITIL Information Technology Infrastructure Library version 3
Http Http made easy Http 1.0 Rfc 1945

Http Error Codes

Web sniffer

Ids-scheer Modelling
Integration Link to Integration
Licensing Guide
RNIF RosettaNet implementation framework
RosettaNet RNIF   Rosettanet
SAAS Software as a service
SAML Oasis XACML OASIS    WS Security
Sap Business by Design

SAP Discovery System for Enterprise SOA

SAP Discovery System: A Quicker Quick-Start Guide

SAP Discovery System - Out-of-the-box Demonstrations

SAP Global Data Types Catalog 


Introduction to :

Global data types

Soa Methodology :

Development Handbook

Global data types

Core Data types

Wiki on Global Data types :

Global data types

into ESR:

Get those Global Data Types into your ESR

Import Demo Service definitions

Master guide ESR

SAP use of Data Types:

Introduction to Global Data Types in SAP NetWeaver Process Integration 7.1

The SAP adoption of Standards  :

Cross-Industry Business Semantic Standards

Industry-Specific Business Semantic Standards

The Standards  :

How to Solve the Business Standards Dilemma – The CCTS Standards Stack

Core Components Adoption On The Rise

UN CEFACT several documents

Accelerate Your Business Data Modeling and Integration Issues by CCTS Modeler Warp 10

ISO TC154 - Processes, Data Elements, and Documents in commerce, industry and administration 

UN/CEFACT (United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business) Forum Management Team

UN/CEFACT Core Component Technical Specification project 

UN/CEFACT TMG (Techniques and Methodologies Group) 

Sap Netweaver Implement Esoa using Sap Netweaver

Solution map : Netweaver

SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment 7.1 EHP 1 Samples Center
SCA SCA project Service Component Architecture

SCN Sap Community Network






Sdn   ---> Enterprise Soa from SAP
SDO Service Data Objects

SearchSap on ESA
Service Service
Service Composition Composite Application Framework

The main development tool is SAP's NetWeaver Developer Studio (SAP NWDS).

Service-oriented architecture


What Is Service-Oriented Architecture ?

SOA from wiki

SOA from ibm Soa and Web services

Service Registry uddi 3.0
Simple Sample Applications for SOA
Six sigma business framework What is Six Sigma ?

q and a on Six Sigma

Six Sigma


SML Service Modeling Language

SML Interchange Format (SML-IF).

SOA Methodology Methodology for Accelerated Transformation to SOA
SOA Middleware
SOA Modedeling and Design

Repository-based Modeling and Design

SOA Starter Kit
Soa on Wiki
Soap Soap1.2  
Standards SAP Link to Standards  
SAP Sustainability Sustainable Solutions    Sustainable_development

Our Goals Sap Clear World

The Sap EnterpriseAchitecture framework   based on TOGAF Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Archtecture Methodology

Enterprise Architecture Framework

Enterprise SOA

Service-oriented architecture

TOGAF Togaf 7.0 view Online

The Open Group Architecture Framework Version 9

The Open Group Architecture Framework Version 8.1.1

The Open Group Architecture Framework, is an industry standard architecture framework that may be used freely by any organization wishing to develop an information systems architecture for use within that organization.

Ubl Universal Business Language from  Oasis

UN/Cefact Core components technical specification


Url Naming and Adressing UniformResourceIndicator URI

UniformResourceNames URN

Visual Composer Process oriented applications

Visual composer demo


W3schools Soap,Xml,Xpath,xslt,wsdl


Web service and user interaction
WebService Transactions Transactions

comparison of Web services transaction protocols

Webservices from SAP Web service Primer Glossary

Webservices WS-I W3 Architecture

UDDI , Soap , WSDL , Jaxm , XML Services

Webservices Ibm

Web Services ibm

Web Service microsoft

searchwebservices Tmodel

WSCI Web Service Choreography Interface

is an XML-based interface description language that describes the flow of messages exchanged by a Web Service participating in choreographed interactions with other services



Web Services Description Language

WS Security Ws Security from Oasis Sap and Security

SAP og WS Security

Security for SOA and Web Services

Web Services Security Cookbook

SAML Oasis


Link to my Security links 

Xapp's Xapp Download