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SAP Netweaver Composition Environment 7.20

consists of (see Below):


SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment:

Providing a highly productive development and runtime environment for composition

SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment

SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment 7.2

What's New in SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment 7.2

Developer's Guide  (NW 7.1)

NW CE Docupedia

Composition Environment 7.1 Tutorial Center 

Composition Environment 7.1 EHP1 Sample Center

New In 7.20

Composite Designer for SAP NetWeaver CE 7.2

SAP Netweaver BPM Model-driven process definitions and execution is supported via SAP NetWeaver BPM

Business Process Management Roadmap

Sap Netwaver BPM:

Process Composer

Process Server

Process Desk

Business Process Model Notation:

BPMN Web cast , BPMN on OMG

Using BPMN Process Models

SAP NetWeaver Business Process Management Resource Center

Business Process Management Use Cases

Simple sample applications for enterprise services consumption

Simple sample applications by technology

Link to Business Process Management

SAP Netweaver BRM Model-driven rules definition

Business Rules Management Roadmap

Business Rules Management Tutorial Center

Businss Rules Management:

Rules Composer

Rules Management

Rules Engine

Visual Composer Model-driven UI-applications/UI Modelling

The Visual Composer runs locally in Eclipse and it is no longer necessary to connect to a server to model a UI or Portal content.

Getting Started with Visual Composer for SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment 7.1

Visual Composer for SAP NetWeaver CE 7.1

SAP NetWeaver Visual Composer Overview 

Simple sample applications by technology

Web Dynpro Java Developers Guide User Interface Technology :

It provides its own programming model including components, controllers, views, etc. It follows the MVC pattern

Web Dynpro for Java Demo Kit

Web Dynpro User Interface Design

Overview of the SAP Design Guild Resources


Web dynpro ajax

Silverlight Islands in Web Dynpro Java 7.20

Step-by-Step Scenarios on Process Analytics Capabilities with SAP NetWeaver Business Process Management 7.2.  Webinar

Simple sample applications by technology

SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe  Interactive Forms by Adobe:

Adobe Lifecycle Designer

(Adobe LiveCycle Designer is integrated with SAP ABAP Workbench and SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio)

Adobe Document Services In NWAS

Adobe Reader

Enterprise Content Management(ECM)-

Repository: used to store offline Forms

Federated Portal Network

Composite applications can be federated into a customer Portal via Federated Portal Network (FPN).

Composition Environment and SAP NetWeaver Portal Integration

Portal Developer Guide (SAP Library - Portal)

Federated Portal Network

Implementing a Federated Portal Network 

Business Packages for SAP NetWeaver Portal

Service Composer Composing Service Using SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio 7.2

Service Composition

Service Browser

Licensing Guide

Typically You build Local Services and You Discover Remote Services.

CAF   CAF Business Logic / Data Transformation:

Functionality to define business objects and services in a model-driven way. The logic is modelled, and EJBs are generated

Local or Remote Persistency:

Within the Business Logic Layer, the business objects (BOs) specific to the composite application are implemented. Business objects encapsulate reusable functionality and may expose services. These services can be either local or remote if published for reuse by others.

CAF , EJB , Service Composition

Composite Application Framework Tutorial Center

Configuring CAF for Knowledge Management Integration  

Enterprise Service Repository Enterprise Services Repository & Registry  

Public ESR

Licensing Guide

Link To Service Oriented Archtecture

Service Registry Discovering services in the Services Registry
Web Service Navigator Use the Enhanced Web Service Navigator to Test SAP Enterprise Services

Test Enterprise Services

Sap Netweaver developer Studio SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio Basics

Based on Eclipse 3.4

SAP NetWeaver Developer's Guide

Developer's Guide  (NW 7.1)
Developer's Guide  (NW 7.0)
Developer's Guide  (NW 2004)

Consume Enterprise Services in Java Using SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio to Achieve Your Business Process Goals

NWA Administration

Administrator's Guide

How to Use SOA Configuration to Call RFCs and Web Services from within SAP NetWeaver BPM

NWDI Working with the Development Infrastructure 

Development Infrastructure

Using the Development and Production Infrastructure 

Java EE 6 Java EW 5  Java EE 5 For CE 7.10

Developing Java EE 5 Applications

Administering the AS Java

NWAS 7.20 Part of CE 7.20

SAP NetWeaver Application Server Java

Administrator's Guide

Application Lifecycle Management

Related Areas :
Application Lifecycle Management
Back-End Connectivity Layer   

Explore ES Workplace

ERP CRM SCM SRM All Business Objects
Find Business Objects and their services that are necessary for a business process
Business Process Composition Composite Process
Composit Applications Next Generation Applications – What Are They?

Guidelines for Developing Composite Application

Developing and Composing Applications 

Composite Development Architecture Guidelines

SAP Guidlines for Best-Built Applications Chapter 4: Process Orchestration and SOA / Web cast

SAP Guidelines for Best-Built Applications

Guiding Principles for Designing Composite Applications  Portal Layer / People Integration

Process Layer / UI Flow

User Interface Layer  / UI Modelling

Business Logic and Abstraction Layer ( Data Transformation )

Back-End Connectivity Layeer

Local or remote data persistency using Services

Es Workplace Business Maps
Start with a business view showing processes for an organisation within a particular industry or across industry

ERP CRM SCM SRM Industries All

How to Guides

How-to Guides for SAP NetWeaver CE/MDM/Mobile/PI 7.1

Development and Composition

Knowledge Management (KM)

SAP NetWeaver CE frameworks can connect to a remote KM and its content.

Configuring CAF for Knowledge Management Integration

SAP EcoHub SAP's online marketplace for certified solutions by SAP Partners: Discover, Evaluate, and Buy industry-relevant, SAP Partner certified solutions.
SAP Identity Management
SAP NetWeaver BI: BI:  data can be retrieved from remote servers and used in composite applications

Step-by-Step Scenarios on Process Analytics Capabilities with SAP NetWeaver Business Process Management 7.2.  Webinar

Link to Information Integration Via BI/BO/BW

SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment 7.1 Platform info SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment (SAP NetWeaver CE) is the SAP platform for building composite applications based on service-oriented architecture (SOA) principles. The resources provided on this page enable you to get started with SAP NetWeaver CE and learn the details about how to use its capabilities
SAP NetWeaver Process Integration Soa Middleware :

modeling and design

Service Bus

Soa Management

Link to Process Integration

Sap Solution Composer Sap Business Maps

Cross-Industry Business Maps

Industry-Specific Business Maps

Technology Portfolio Map - Edition 2010

Representational State Transfer